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Snowflake Dynamic Tables: Materializing Results for Warehouse Cost Reduction
Picture this: You have a query, and you want to materialize its results in a table. Instead of going through the hassle of creating a separate target table, writing transformation code, and manually updating...
Postgres to Snowflake — Migrate Real-time and Historical data
Cloud data warehouse like Snowflake is designed for scalable business intelligence and analytics. There are various reasons to move from a traditional data warehouse to a cloud-based data warehouse, such...
Snowflake Best Practices
1- Introduction Snowflake is one of the few enterprise-ready cloud data warehouses that brings simplicity without sacrificing features. It automatically scales, both up and down, to get the right balance...
Migrate Data from Salesforce to Snowflake
If you are reading this, you are probably looking out the ways to transfer data from Salesforce Cloud to Snowflake. In this article, you will get different techniques to extract data from salesforce and...
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